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I have a fascination with the music and audio industry. From the early years of audio production – with its free-spirited environment but limited recording gear – to the modern era where every style goes and every recording technique is valuable; from the era of the 8-track to the power usage of infinite Pro-Tools tracks, the recording process has always captivated me.

The aim of this website is to help interested newcomers get started in the world of audio production. I'll supply you guys with useful information regarding audio technology and music production, from recording to mixing, running live sound and choosing the right recording software.

With these brief articles, I'll tackle some of the basic issues of audio technology. Like I said, the goal here is to assist those who do not know much about the mechanics and workings of recording an album. Essentially, I hope to enlighten the reader and help spark ideas.

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This part includes microphone techniques and the general recording process.

audio editing

audio editing

Audio editing is an important part in making your mixing sound professional. Clean and correctly faded tracks just sound better.



Shedding some light on the mystery of mixing! From a rough mix to a finished mix!

Live Sound

Live Sound

Helping out with the difficulties a live sound engineer can face. From setting up a live venue, to mixing monitors and Front of House.

Recording Software

Recording Software

Baffled by all the choices of audio recording software? Think you'll get overwhelmed by their complicated features? 


VST Plugins

Recording Software

VST plugins are a major help in the digital mixing world and more and more free plugins are coming out every day.

I've collected together great deals that no serious recording enthusiast should pass up.

For a collaborative effort, head over to the Free VST Plugins Page and let the community know of your favorite FREE VST Plugin! 

online Music distribution

online music distributionThere's nothing wrong with trying to get your music out there. On the internet there are so many people looking for new music, and why shouldn't you try to reach them?

Tunecore propels your music career by distributing your tracks to the biggest digital stores online.

Home Studio

home recording studioCreating your home studio? Don't know where to start or what to buy? Head over to the home studio page for my overview over the home studio process


audio notesAudio Notes is a notebook designed for the note-taking engineer that never wants to forget another production idea. Not only is it designed to keep all your production notes organized by song and artist, but with a little audio engineering tip on every page it's my hope that it will inspire your productions as well. 

Additionally I have some free track sheets. You can download and use them free of charge, as I've designed them for widespread use for audio engineers with a knack for taking notes, like me.

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Mixing Strategies - Planning the Perfect Mix

Mixing Strategies

Mixing Strategies is an ebook that focuses on the important subjective parts of mixing music. It teaches you the philosophies of mixing and how to approach your next mixing project for a successful outcome. Get your copy of this invaluable ebook now

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audio notesNeed to stay productive and organized in the studio?

Grab your copy of Audio Notes, the handy audio production notebook right here

    Mixing Strategies! Get the Ebook

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